The Spirit of Greenwood Rising

Oasis Fresh Markethas its roots in the community it serves. Proprietor Aaron "AJ" Johnson is inspired by the story of The Mann Brothers, who owned and operated grocery stores in the Greenwood District from 1919 through the 1970's. Brothers O.B., McKinley and J.D. operated three grocery stores in Greenwood until The Tulsa Massacre of 1921 destroyed 35 blocks of black-owned homes and businesses.  After rebuilding, the Brothers continued to serve the neighborhood until the 1970's. 
Despite creating one of the most successful black neighborhoods in the country, Greenwood's last full service grocer left the area in 2017. The resulting "Food Desert" - no full service grocers within 8 miles, yet 10 Dollar General stores - inspired Mr. Johnson to create Oasis Fresh Market. In addition to a brick and mortar grocery store, he also operates the TheOasisProject, a non-profit bringing education and leadership to the community through banking, housing, medical services and more. 
Oasis Fresh Market's slogan is "More than just groceries, equipping for life." 
For more information on TheOasisProject: https://theoasisprojects.org/